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Kalkan, Antalya’da Kiralık Villa ve Apartlar | Sandal Tatil Villaları

Bize Ulaşın Hayalinizdeki Tatil Villanızı Bulmanıza Yardımcı Olalım…


Hayallerindeki tatilini ara, bul ve sevdiklerinle paylaş.


Harika deniz ve doğa manzarasına sahip lüks villalar ve unutulmaz bir tatil için bizimle temasa geçin size en uygun seçenekleri sunalım.

Seyahat Et

En uygun fiyatlarla en özel tatil yöresinden muhteşem manzaralı yazlığın rezervasyonunu hemen yap, havaalanı transferi ve diğer tatil aktivitelerinizi biz ayarlayalım.


Şahane Manzara&Konum
Villa Badem
location 6 Kişilik | 3 Yatak Odası | 3 Banyo

Endorphina, software publisher

Since 2013, Endorphina has been struggling in the cruel world of online game publishers. This young Czech company lives in the shadow of the giants of the sector. However, we have noticed real creativity, a strong identity and neat games produced by the Czech company. As is often the case with small software companies, there are experts in online casino games who bring their experience to the new design studio. Its games can be found in French and European casinos. The Czech company Endorphina is making its mark little by little with neat and innovative machines, while developing immersion with real work on the graphics and the sound universe. Its arrival at major gaming supplier shows such as ICE Totally Gaming 2014 and 2015 shows that the small company is growing and gaining recognition among online gaming professionals.

Beyond the fun aspect of the games, the scientific side of its algorithms allows its machines to easily adapt to all types of players. Beginners will be delighted with the numerous wilds that come with the games and the great players – high roller – will be satisfied with the volatility of the Endorphina machines. They understand that the complexity of a machine is often a barrier to new players, who are a prime target as they are the high rollers of tomorrow. At the same time, a slot machine that is too simple will quickly bore experienced players.

The themes are carefully selected to meet the expectations of the customers and obviously attract them. It is noticeable that mythology is a theme dear to the creative minds of the Czech company.

Voodo slot

Watch out for this little gem! The name of this slot machine leaves little room for doubt. Welcome or not to the world of the dark magic of the Voodo wizards. With 5 reels in three rows, beware of being hypnotised by haunting music and intoxicating special effects. The journey will take you far and wide with figures such as the Serpent, the Ritual Knife and the mystical Dark Raven. The Voodoo wizard is the master of the game. He plays the role of Wild, but also of Scatter by launching no less than 10 special games. With this original theme, Endorphina offers a slot that plays in the big league. An affair to follow and above all not to be missed under penalty of bad luck!

The Ninja

The dark warrior comes to your machines after having covered his creators with prizes. Inspired by the little boys of the 80s, heroes of numerous action films ranging from B-movies to the envied status of nanar, The Ninja is a tribute from Czech society to this very special genre. Everything is there: the dark graphics and the soundtrack will bathe you in the very special atmosphere of the Japanese Ninjas, masters of concealment and martial arts.

For the rest, we leave you to discover the craziest slot machine of the last few years.

In conclusion, the Czech game publisher is not yet very well known by the general public, but its increasingly prominent presence in the best online casinos should provide it with the showcase it lacks. Its games are truly original, racy and Endorphina has not stolen its name. It’s a real adrenaline rush when you throw the reels. The animations are explosive like in the slot machine “The Ninjas”. In short, we love it!